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Empowering Youth With
Financial Wellness

Unlocking the potential of the next generation through comprehensive financial education and practical money management skills

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Junior Wallstreeters is now offering a financial literacy program for middle and high schoolers titled “Junior WallStreeters: Empowering Youth with Financial Wellness.” In addition to topics like banking basics, budgeting, our program goes beyond others by combining African American history and culture and exploring community building wealth through investment clubs.


The curriculum includes detailed instructions and assignments on creating investment clubs, which encourages leadership and decision making skills.

The curriculum encourages life-long financial awareness and discipline at an early age through 14 lessons.The goal of the curriculum is to provide the financial knowledge needed to address the wealth gap between African Americans and whites.

Upon completion of the course materials, students have the opportunity to compete in a portfolio management competition amongst The highest performing investment club has the potential to win an award. As possible add-ons, we offer budgeting envelopes, stock tracking notebooks and board games to supplement the curriculum. 

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