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Kevon Chisolm, Esq.

Founder / Executive Director

Black Wallstreeter Consultation Services (BWCS) was started by the father and son team, Kevon and Kamari Chisolm in 2018. In November of 2020, the father and son duo launched a separate entity, Junior Wallstreeters, Inc., a nonprofit, whose motto is: Empowering Youth with Financial Wellness.A native of Newark, New Jersey, Kevon is a 1997 graduate of Seton Hall UniversityLaw School. He also earned a Master’s Degree with Honors in African AmericanStudies at Yale University in 1994. He was awarded a Baccalaureate Degree inEconomics from Drew University in 1991.


Kevon’s passion is uplifting and forwarding the African American community through knowledge of self and wealth building.

BWCS's primarily goals are to decrease the wealth gap between African Americans and whites.
We focus on two areas to accomplish this goal:
1) helping others build wealth through investment clubs; and
2) empowering youth with financial wellness, which includes our financial literacy/investing curriculum and materials.


Kevon’s book, which is titled: Financial Legacy: Building Wealth Through Investment Clubs has sold over 500 copies. The book is available in print and electronic format, Like the company, the curriculum is titled: Junior WallStreeters: Empowering Youth with Financial Wellness. The curriculum teaches life-long financial awareness and discipline through 14 lessons with an emphasis on African American history and culture. In addition to topics like banking basics, budgeting and investing, our curriculum goes beyond others by exploring the community building wealth possible through investment clubs.


Junior Wallstreeters, Inc. have provided financial literacy services to several national youth organizations including Jack and Jill, Upward Bound and 100 Black Men of Virginia.We also offer financial literacy products including: Junior Wallstreeter BudgetingEnvelope System, Stock Tracker by Junior Wallstreeter and the Black Wall StreetBoard Game (no association with Black Wallstreeter).

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