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Brand new Stock Tracker by Junior Wallstreeter.

It’s time to track your stocks using the StockTracker by Wallstreeter. This journal allows you to keep a record of your trades. That way you can see what you did right and what you did wrong. Ultimately, it will allow you to improve your trading by reviewing trends.



How to Use Your StockTracker by WallStreeter


1. Write the date of your purchase of shares.


2. Find a company that you are interested in tracking. You can find the company in the business section of the newspaper, a financial website, or via a stock related phone app. Then, find the company’s stock symbol, which is generally the abbreviation of the company’s name. It is generally 3 to 5 letters. For example, Apple’s symbol is AAPL, or Google ‘s is GOOG or Nike’s is NKE. Write down the stock’s symbol.


3. Write down the number of shares that you want to purchase. Since we are only tracking, I suggest 20 shares.


4. Write down the price per share. Again, you can find the price in the business section of the newspaper, financial website, or via a phone app. Write down the transaction cost. I will give you an average: $6.95 per transaction, which is basically the cost of buying the 20 shares.


5. Then write down the total cost. The total cost is calculated by multiplying the the number of shares by the cost per share and add the transaction cost. For example, Apple’s price per share today is $220.00. So, we obtain the total cost by multiplying $220.00 X 20 shares = $4.400 + $6.95, which equal $4,406.95.


6. You can obtain you gain or loss by obtaining the current value of the stock on any given day by using the above method and subtracting it from your original purchase cost. For example, if we check Apple a few days later, the current price per share maybe $230.00. The current value of our share would be $4,600.00. We subtract $4,406.95. So, we would have a gain of $193.05.


7.In the NOTES section, write down reasons for buying, selling and any other activities such as increases in price or earnings.


Stock Tracker Notebook

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